What Should You Include in Short Story Essays

A Short Story Essay is a lot like the analysis of a short story. The point of such an essay is to talk about the central idea of the short story and explain the manner in which it has been described by the author. In order to correctly analyse a short story, you need to follow certain steps. Take a look at some of these steps:

1. Identify the responses made by critics

The opinion of critics is very important for writing Short Story Essays. For this purpose, looking at literature critiques is vital. If your professor has not provided you with a list of recommended literature, do not worry. It is easy to find numerous opinions of literary critics who provided their opinion regarding a particular short story. You can start by looking for these opinions over the Internet.

2. Understand the information researched

It is quite possible that your opinion of the short story will undergo changes once you read a literary critique. However, this is necessary in order for you to write a compelling and informative essay. Reading literary critiques is also a good method of ensuring that you have correctly understood the message that the author intended to convey. This will help you write a good essay that contains the right points. You can also take a look at free essays available over the Internet for this same purpose.

3. Divide your essay into parts

A well written essay is one that is easy to read and understand. This has a lot to do with the manner in which your essay is divided. The normal format for an essay is to structure it in three parts: an introductory part, a main body part and a concluding part. This format applies to Short Story Essays as well, so make sure your essay discusses these three areas distinctly. Take a look at what to include in each of these areas:

(i) Introduction

The introduction to an essay is very important; it is a critical part of your essay. In your essay intro you should present the subject of your short story. This is the part of your essay in which you need to express your argument in a clear and crisp manner. The length of your introduction depends on your overall essay length. Keep it proportionate to your whole essay.

(ii) Main Body

In the main body part of your essay you need provide support for your arguments using examples from the short story.

(iii) Conclusion

This is where you provide all the important details of your observation and analysis. This does not mean you repeat your essay; just provide the points you have come up with.

Once you have completed your Short Story Essay, make sure you proofread it and correct all errors. The proofreading step is one of the most important steps of the essay writing process. In case you feel you need more help with your essay on short stories, you could visit an essay writing service or buy an essay.

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