Tips to Write I Believe Essays that Guarantee a Good Grade

If you are required to write an I Believe essay as a part of your assignment or college admissions essay, you need not fret as with a few simple pointers, it is fairly easy to accomplish this task. The first thing here is to comprehend what good I Believe essays must constitute. There is a lot of preparation, intellectual as well as creative that must go into the fulfillment of this objective. Writing an essay that is worthy of a scholarship need not be that difficult a task keeping the following tips and tricks in mind. You can first get familiarized with how to write a scholarship essay by reading up on appropriate material online on our website.
• An I Believe essay must be a personalized one and it works best when written with your own individual perspective. Your ideas may be borrowed from different cultural connotations but before you present them to your intended reader, they must be adapted to fit your own personal viewpoint so that they reader can relate to them.
• When you are writing such an essay, the length of the essay is of prime importance. An essay that is too long is bound to lose the attention of the reader. A short 250 word essay helps get the point across effectively and also ensures that the reader remains engaged. The reader must be able to obtain valuable information that is helpful in some way for his/her life through your writing.
• When you have written your essay, you should try to summarize it in one sentence that best echoes the belief that you want to showcase in your writing. If you are unable to do this and zero in a single main point of your narrative, you may need to re think the theme of your material.
• It is best to pick a topic that has influenced you in some significant and considerable way. An essay written on a topic or belief that you are truly passionate about and have personally dealt with is definitely better than one that is written by incorporating general societal beliefs.
• You should not only quote your belief but should also illustrate it with suitable examples and life experiences. After doing this, you should examine how your belief has made you grow and develop as a person. If your belief has been modified or adapted to suit changing life circumstances, this point should also be well woven into your essay.
• I Believe essays should not be written to formally. It should be written in a casual, conversational way so that your readers can relate to you. Anyone who reads your essay must be able to draw parallels and compare the instances you narrate to some happenings in their own lives.
• Your essay should not be persuasive or come across as too emphatic or strong. It should only convey your beliefs. No attempt should be made in the manner of your writing to convince the readers to adopt your beliefs. It should only be an account of your beliefs with the choice of assuming them being left at the discretion of the readers.

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