Tips on writing a classification essay

A classification essay generally consists of a number of sub headings that are meant to differentiate among certain categories, choices or available items. Such an essay can be an explanatory essay that focuses on informing the reader about each category or it may also be an analytical essay where the writer explores and indulges in a thorough analysis of each category individually. If you are a student, you may be called upon to write classification essays at various points of your academic life as it helps organize coherent thoughts and effectively present them in a manner that is easy to process. You can become adept at the art of writing essays of this kind by considering the following useful, step by step points:

Introduction and thesis

You should never begin a classification essay by mentioning the first category. Instead, it should ideally begin with a simple introduction that builds up to the classifications. Your readers should be well acquainted with what exactly you are trying to achieve with your classifications by the time they get to the first point. The purpose that your piece of writing is going to serve should also be revealed at the very beginning. If your essay is meant to evaluate the different categories, the introduction is the best place to mention this. The thesis should also be present in which you should briefly state the headings of all your categories. This will serve as a point of reference when you are writing your essay.

Essay length

The length of the essay is of great importance as the wrong length can make it seem out of sorts and hard to grasp. In case you include a number of irrelevant categories, it may seem like an illogical rambling account. On the other hand, if the number of categories is too few in number, you will be selling your readers short as they will not have a chance to have a well rounded view of the topic that you intend to write on. So, you need to pick the perfect number of categories that essentially comes down to five.

Choosing the categories

You need to choose the categories with extreme caution as irrelevant categories will not be able to do justice to your essay. When you are finalizing the categories that you want to include, you should do perform a simple test and examine them in light of the overall message of your essay. If you find that the chosen category is not doing anything to effectively contribute to this, you should simply leave it out. Also, you need to pick a category that is easy to explain and support with the help of a few examples.


While picking different categories, you need to zero in upon an organizing principle that is rational and comprehensive. All the categories and their respective elucidation must be done strictly on the basis of this organizing principle or you risk your essay coming across as illogical.

Writing the essay

When you have finally begun the task of actually writing your essay, you should first create a rough draft and classify your thoughts and ideas in a consistent manner before writing the final draft. You should ensure that the explanations you give for each category do not sound similar to each other. Each point should have something new to offer to the reader.


It is quite easy to understand the basics of writing a classification essay. However, if you have too short a time to attempt such a piece of writing on your own with your grades at stake, you can approach our skilful team of writers and buy an essay from our website at nominal prices.

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