Tips for Great Depression Essays

If you need to write a history paper on any essay length and are looking for an interesting topic then look no further. Writing a Great Depression Essay will be an interesting learning experience and is an excellent topic for an essay paper. The Great Depression is one of the biggest highlights of the 20th century. It greatly affected the global economy and had effects that were devastating.

The Great Depression began in 1929 and carried on till America entered World War II. It is an event with so many interesting topics, that countless essay papers can be written on it. One of the most common topics for this subject is the causes of the Great Depression. If you are interested on writing about the factors that led to this event, take a look at the following points:

Causes of the Great Depression

Nobody is sure of the exact cause of the Great Depression. There was no single cause; it is believed that a mixture of domestic as well as international conditions led to this event. There is no agreed upon list of contributing factors. You can easily write a 1000 word essay just on the causes. Take a look at the top five reasons cited by scholars as the cause of the worst economic depression in the history of the United States of America.

  1. Stock Market Crash of 1929
    2. Bank Failures
    3. Reduction in Purchasing Across the Board
    4. American Economic Policy with Europe
    5. Drought Conditions

Besides the causes, there are a lot of other topics you can write about for Great Depression Essays. Take a look at some interesting topics.

Topics on the Great Depression

  1. How similar is the current global economic recession to the Great Depression?
    2. Who coined the term the Great Depression?
    3. Write about the effects of Great Depression on our current economic status.
    4. What countries experienced the Great Depression?
    5. How can we prevent global recession from happening again?

You can even take a different approach for your Great Depression Essay and write about life during the Depression. This could be done by interviewing someone who lived through it. In order to do this you would have to come up with some good interview questions. Take a look at some possible questions to interview people with:

Great Depression Interview Questions

  1. What kinds of goods were hard to get during the depression?
    2. How did the depression affect family life?
    3. What was the hardest thing to deal with during the depression?
    4. Do you remember what Christmas was like during the Depression?
    5. Did the Depression put your family out of work? If not, what were typical wages like then?
    6. What are some stories that you remember from the Depression?
    7. What do you think were the causes of the Great Depression?
    8. How is your life different today?
    9. What were the solutions that relieved suffering during the Great Depression?

Great Depression Essays require a lot of research and hard work but they are very interesting essays to write about. If you need help with your essay take a look at an essay writing service or buy an essay.

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