Things to Include in King Lear Essays

The most interesting thing about King Lear is the many different ways in which audiences and readers have responded to it. This reveals a great deal about the complexity of what is considered as one of Shakespeare’s most famous literary works of all time. This complex work of literature is a tragedy that masterfully blends complicated characters and themes, intense emotions and an exquisitely intricate plot with profound depth. All this needs to be portrayed in your King Lear Essay.

There are lot of things that you can write about in your essay. Just like in any introduction to an essay, start by talking about the most important points of King Lear. You can discuss the themes, the plot, the characters, the questions it raises and the different interpretations of audiences and readers. Essays on King Lear can be of any essay length.


Shakespeare’s King Lear contains a wide range of themes that people can relate to in all times. These are themes of justice, nature, insanity, love and introspection. These themes apply to everyone regardless of culture, religion and the era. All those who read the play find some aspect that they can relate to. Your King Lear Essay can also discuss other themes that are found in the play like greed, fate, suffering, cruelty and the lust for power.


It is still a matter of debate whether Shakespeare intentionally created characters that were immensely complex while at the same time remaining vague with regards to detail. Some critics believe this is a structural flaw in Shakespeare’s writing whereas others believe that this was cunningly done intentionally. This vagueness is noticed most prominently when it comes to Cordelia, one of the characters in the play. The impression of vagueness is also present in the character of the fool. Another issue of long term debate is with regards to the fate of the fool. Critics have deliberated whether the disappearance of the fool from the plot was done intentionally to create an air or mystery or whether it was a careless error on the part of Shakespeare.


King Lear Essays must discuss the use of emotions in the play. These emotions help convey the complexity of the characters in the play. King Lear expresses a full range of extreme emotions which makes it very difficult to accurately get a picture of his character. He is portrayed differently in accordance to the various themes of the play.


The best part about King Lear is that everyone finds what they are looking for in it. King Lear Essays must express how this play has managed to get so many different interpretations from all those who have read or seen it. This is one of the most important points that you must incorporate in your essay. Also, people’s interpretations change as they themselves change. At 16 a person would think the play is all about the blinding of Gloucester. The same person at age 30 would see it as a play based on a terrible family life while at the age of 60 the person may interpret it to be about ageing.

Essays on King Lear require proper study and analysis of the play. If you feel you need help you could always buy an essay.

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