The Great Gatsby Essay: How to Write One

The Great Gatsby is a very famous piece of American Literature written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This book can be used to write a paper on any essay length. When you write The Great Gatsby Essay you can talk about how this book is famous for its taut style of writing, use of symbolism and creation of realistic characters. It is also well known for the manner in which the Jazz Age is described. If you need to write this essay, you should first research essay topics. Take a look at a few topics for an essay on this book:

Topics for Essays on The Great Gatsby

  1. Present your views on the presentation and significance of betrayal in The Great Gatsby.
  2. Discuss the ending of The Great Gatsby, considering its impact on you as a reader. This is a very interesting topic as you can talk about how although a happy ending is satisfying, an unhappy one can make you think more and satisfy you in other ways.
  3. Discuss the idea or ideas that formed in The Great Gatsby. Talk about how courageous deeds come about and how they affect personal integrity.
  4. Think about the references to people in literature or history made in the book. What purpose do they serve?
  5. Write a character sketch of Daisy, Tom or Jordan. In this topic of The Great Gatsby Essayyou can discuss the author’s reason for describing them the way he did.

Once you have selected a topic you can proceed with writing your essay. Take a look at some tips to help you write your essay:

Tips to Write Your Essay

  1. You can being writing The Great Gatsby Essaysby reading the introduction of the book. This background information will give you the historical context of the story. This is important as this is a quintessential book of the 1920s that chronicles the era. This era was marked by the disillusionment caused by the recent World War and the loosening of prohibitions, both sexual and social.
  2. While you read the novel, take note to the narrative style of Nick Carraway. Observe how he likes being around his rich friends and does not judge the other people in the book. He also points out and draws attention to the conflict of social mores that were prevalent at the time.
  3. Closely analyze Jay Gatsby the main character of the book. Look at the irony epitomized by him. Discuss how Gatsby is a symbol of the American dream – but with a twist. He reached the level of the rich; however he got there by illegal means.
  4. Understand the symbolism of a green light at the end of the dock belonging to Daisy Buchannan. Daisy was the love of Gatsby’s life. She was the very reason he turned into ‘The Great Gatsby’.

The Great Gatsby Essays can be very interesting to write. They require a fair amount of research and understanding of the story. If you need help writing your essay, you could buy an essay.

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