Learn How to Write Essays on Environment.

When we talk about the environment, we are actually talking about our surroundings. This consists of non living as well as living beings. When we talk about the environment it is important that we realise that there are two types of environments. One type is the natural environment and the other is the built environment. When you write an Essay on Environment, it is critical that you concentrate on both these environmental types. A natural environment is one that has an existence that is natural. On the other hand a built environment is one that has come into existence because of man, i.e., man is responsible for its creation. Examples of built environment would be cities, dams and more.

It is a sad truth that our beautiful natural environment is getting more and more polluted. This pollution is mostly due to unnatural causes. Pollution is also caused by natural factors like volcanos; however natural pollution is not as rampant as manmade pollution. It is man’s reckless and uncaring behaviour that is the prime reason for the dismal state of our environment. Humans are essentially a self centred race, whose bad habits have led to the degradation and destruction of our environment. Essays on Environment must incorporate the reasons for which our ecosystem is being destroyed. These essays can be written on any essay length and in any essay format.

Human beings prefer to live in the manner that they have been accustomed to since birth. People in general do not like change and most people have a lot of trouble adapting to new situations and circumstances. Built environment which does not contain natural components, has become extremely important to the world we live in today. There are a large number of environmental hazards that are responsible for the poor condition of Mother Earth. Some of these hazards are global warming, land degradation and pollution and they have far reaching and severe consequences on the state of our natural resources. When you write an Essay on Environment you should research essay topics and elaborate on these hazards. If you have difficulty writing about this topic you could also buy an essay.

Global warming has been defined as the rise in the earth’s average temperature beside the surface air and ocean. This rise has been calculated from the mid 20th century and the continuation in this rise has also been projected. A massive amount of heat has been trapped on our planet, caused by the detrimental effect of green house gases. These gases get trapped inside the rays of the sun and lead to global warming. Essays on Environment should point out and emphasize the effects of these hazards that are corroding our precious environment. The explosion of population and economic advancement are also factors that have led to increased levels of pollution. It is important to remember that all things, both living as well as non living, are affected by pollution. We all need to realise that we have only one environment which should be shared and looked after in the best way possible.

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