Learn how to Follow Correct College Essay Formats

It is quite obvious that every essay written at a college level will have to follow a particular structure or essay format. If you want to write a good essay that gets you great marks, you need to ensure that you have followed the College Essay Format correctly.

The format for a college essay is quite simple to follow and can be used for papers of any essay length. However you must make an effort to understand and implement it. The format of such an essay consists of three parts:

  • The introduction
    • The body
    • The conclusion

Let’s take a look at each of these parts.

1. The Introduction

The introduction to an essay, according to College Essay Formats, must contain information that answers three very important questions. These questions are:

  1. What is the topic of your essay?
    2. How will you discuss the points of your essay?
    3. What is your essay trying to prove?

In order to answer these questions, you need to provide the relevant information. Begin your introduction with your thesis statement. Clearly define what your essay is about and mention the main points that will be discussed in your essay body.

2. The Body

The essay body follows the introduction. As per College Essay Formats, the essay body must discuss the main points of your essay. The thing to keep in mind here is that every paragraph in your essay body must discuss a single point. Also, besides presenting and explaining a point, every paragraph must provide evidence supporting the point as well as discuss the manner in which the point and evidence relate to your thesis statement.

3. The Conclusion

A simple way to write your conclusion would be by reinstating what you have discussed in your introductory paragraph. Therefore, all you need to do is authoritatively repeat the points that you have stated in the start of your essay while at the same time, tracing the arguments that you have been in your paper. You can also state your personal view of the problem you have discussed while keeping in mind the points mentioned in your essay body.

Another important part of a College Essay Format is the formatting requirements with regards to the format, space, paper and printing of your essay. Generally the font followed in a college essay is Times New Roman with a font size of 12. The spacing used is double spacing while printing is done on one side of the paper. The margins are usually 1 for the top and bottom and 1.23 for right and left.

However it is important to note that these are general formatting specifications and your professor may want you to format your essay according to his or her requirements. For this reason it is always better to check with your professor and format your essay as per the required format.

If you find it difficult to format your essay correctly, you can buy an essay or even look at some free essay samples online for a better idea on how to follow an essay structure.

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