How to write on essay themes

You may be asked to write on different essay themes in your academic life or in your professional one. A thematic essay tends to be based on a piece of literature that may have to be examined with thoroughness before an attempt is made to write out such an essay. It has been observed that most novels and stories are written with strong themes in place that are slowly revealed in the course of the narrative by the author. Sometimes, these themes may be clearly visible in the story while at other times, they may have to be brought out by the imagination and analysis on the part of the reader.
An essay theme can be a general statement that is provided by the college or school authorities. You may be asked to throw light on the statement using your own perceptions and viewpoints. At other times, it may also be asked in the form of a question and further elaboration may be required by you as an essayist. You can keep the following points in consideration when exploring an essay theme:

Rough draft

You must begin by creating a rough draft before writing your final essay. This is because a lot of brainstorming is required to arrive at significant supporting points for the essay themes you are supposed to be writing on. For this purpose, all the exemplary instances in the story should be arranged in an organized form before starting your thematic essay. Such essays also require the writer to write about real life situations that support the concerned theme. The universality of the theme and your belief in it needs to be proved effectively with strong facts in place.


Your essay must always start with a well-though out introduction. The purpose of writing must be talked about in this part of the essay along with a detailed definition of the theme of your essay. Readers need to get acquainted with the premise that is going to be explored in the succeeding paragraphs of your piece of writing.


The body can comprise a 250 word essay but should ideally be at least a 1000 word essay so that all points are duly covered. There should be at least three paragraphs with each of them investigating different main points. Two examples including one from the piece of literature being examined and another from the real world must be taken up in each paragraph. If you are not really sure about the word limit to be followed, you can read up on topics related to essay lengthon our website.


This part of your essay should never be underestimated. The idea of the theme to be written about has to be positively reinforced in the last paragraph of your essay. It should be such that it provides some food for thought for the readers and ends the essay in a smooth manner. In the beginning of this paragraph, you may talk about the theme in a general manner and conclude by narrowing down the point you are talking about.

Author’s background

If you want to make your essay even better, you can conduct a little investigation regarding the personal life of the author of the story whose theme you are elaborating. You are sure to find a few undercurrents of the theme involved in the life of the author as well in most cases. These can be showcased to give more credence to your essay.

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