How to make your essay look better by using an essay format

There are lots of ways to write an essay. In order to make essays more appealing and aesthetically pleasing, a number of essay formats have been developed. These formats not only make the essays more comprehensive but also ensure that the end result looks quite attractive for potential readers. These formats have been certified and recognized by all institutions of note. In some cases, you may be required to follow a particular pre-decided format while at other times the choice of format may be left to your will.

It is important to obtain a clear understanding of exactly what each essay formatcomprises so that you can make a wise choice according to the topic of your writing piece. When an essay is written according to a given format, it enables the writer to adequately give due credit to the resources that he/she may have used for the content. Writers may use books, websites, journals, videos, etc. as references as long as they cite them appropriately.

Some of the basic formats that are in use today are:


This essay format places great emphasis on the presentation of the name of the author, the publication year and the title under which the publication has been made. The place where the publishing has taken place must also be showcased. All this information has to be present in the bibliography section of your essay. This format is mainly in used by medical students and is hardly ever employed in essays of literary discussion.

APA style essay format

The APA style essay format is one that is certified by the American psychological Association. This format is mostly used by students of psychology in their work. There is a strict chronological form in which the essay is to be written. The title page comes first followed by the main content which is succeeded by the citations and references. The headings have to be written in the prescribed style. The first heading is to be in a central format with the first letter of all words in capital form. The second heading is to be aligned to the left and in italics. The third heading has to be left aligned but only the first letter of the first word id to be capitalized. This heading is also in italics.

MLA style essay format

The MLA style essay format was developed by the Modern Language Association. This type also requires a detailed bibliography. The heading has to consist of the writer’s surname and the page number. The title is preceded by your name, subject concerned, the name of your teacher and the date. A header consisting of your surname and the page number must be visible on all pages. Another point to keep in mind is that the bibliography should be written in alphabetical order.

Turabian Format

This format is inspired form the Harvard format and is divided into two main types. One of them is suitable for essays related to humanities while the other one is to be used in those related to natural sciences. In the former case, all the references and citations are clustered together on the main bibliography page that comes at the end of the essay. In the latter case, the citations and references have to be mentioned at the bottom of each page.

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