Essay online for the first time

If you are here to buy an essay online for the first time you will probably have some doubts and reservations about the whole concept. And although you want to buy an essay, and have it completed and sitting on the desk in front of you, you’re not entirely sure how the whole process works.

Why Are You Here?
Like many people, you have lots of good information stored in your head – but getting it cogently and coherently onto paper is another matter altogether. This can be a challenging issue on occasions.

Then that light bulb goes off . . . “Buy Essay!” . . . and you head for the Internet to try and buy an essay. But when you get there, you see lots of websites all offering to sell you custom essays.

It Must Be Easy to Chose
On the face of it – you can go to any website offering essay writing services to buy a custom essay. To buy an essay online seems to be a matter of finding the cheapest price and clicking “GO”.

However, to buy an essay requires a bit of careful selection on your part. Before you pay a single penny or cent, you need to be absolutely satisfied that the essay you’re buying fulfils some pretty vital criteria.

What’s Really Important?

Where there’s money to be made, you’ll always find some bad apples. Many companies offering essay writing services are based abroad (outside the United Kingdom). This means they have writers who don’t have English as their first language – and that’s not good for your grades.

Another trick they often pull is offering prices below ours (£75 inclusive of VAT) – and then you later discover they have added Value Added Tax to your bill. Not only is this deception but it’s also illegal. Only UK based and registered businesses can charge VAT.

What Offers You
We are an established British Company. That means our offices and our people are based here in London. You can call us on a real London phone line. Our bank accounts are with a well known British Bank (details on request).

When you buy essays from us, you will have writers assigned to your essay who are fully qualified to write at the chosen grade, and on your chosen subjects.

We absolutely guarantee that our writers are British – with English as their first language. And all our work is fed through state-of-the-art anti-plagiarism software – so you can be confident when you buy a custom essay from us – your tutors and examiners will be reading through a 100% original essay.

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