Essay Layouts are Important

If you want to write a good essay of any essay length, you have to ensure that your writing process is very organised. This will lead to your content being laid out effectively. This is important because once you collect all the relevant information you must know what to do with it. In order to do so you need to learn about Essay Layouts. The layout will show you how to properly present and format your essay.

What is a layout?

A layout is something that helps you properly position all the different content in your essay. You should think about your layout when you are planning your essay. All important information and ideas related to your essay topic should be placed in your Essay Layout. This is a critical part of the essay writing process and will help you write a logical and informative paper.

How to write a layout

Take a look at some simple steps on how to create a layout for your essay.

1. Location of your title

It is important that you identify the right place to position your essay title. If you are following the APA style essay or Harvard style of writing you can also provide an essay cover page. The title position is very different in the APA style as compared to other styles. In this style there is a running header which contains part of the main heading. This is placed at the top margin of every page. The MLA style essay is a lot less complicated; it positions the title at the top of the first essay page.

2. Topic headings and sub headings

Headings and sub headings of your topic are positioned differently in different Essay Layouts. Certain types of essays do not use them whereas other types centre the main titles and italicise the sub headings. You need to consider these facts especially in the event of writing an extended essay.

3. Spacing

Spacing is another important part of an essay layout. Most essays are double spaced. They usually have indents at the start of the paragraph. If footnotes are included, such entries are single spaced.

4. Planning

You need to plan both your essay layout as well as your content layout. It is important that you plan the layout of your introduction. Your introduction must have the main idea of your essay topic, all the important points that are relevant to it and also the thesis statement. This should be the last statement in your introductory paragraph. All the paragraphs of your essay body should be clear and easily understandable. Normally, you need to provide around two to three arguments that support the statement. Every statement should have its own paragraph. The conclusion should be the last paragraph in your Essay Layout.

5. Numbering or bullet points

Your layout can be vastly improved with the help of numbering or bullet points. This helps make your content more visible and clear for your readers.

6. Reference list

Lastly, you should include a reference list in your layout. This should be placed at the end of your essay and should be formatted according to the format standard. Certain essay formats require the list to be double spaced while others require single spacing.

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